hey pals i am going to be updating my art blog this year clivehawken so if any of yo u are following because of my stuff maybe chekc it out!

closed my ticket w/ autoreply

AHH i just remembered super moon august tenth!! i want to make special plans maybe pull an all nighter with friends or something!!

Did you tell them any of your info? Because if not, that’s totally on them, and TNT wrongly permasilenced you. Next time someone does that to you, you ought to just block them or something.
yep i did. it was really stupid of me, but this fucking kid has been sending me messages for the past week asking for art and my social media links and it was 12am and i was just tired and caved. stupid, but my first honest infraction on the site. i sent in a really long ticket trying to plead my case i doubt it’ll even get read
i just WANt access to my petpages. i would be completely fine with a perma silence if  i still had access to editing my shit, it might even be good because then i couldn’t procrastinate by reading bad role plays on the boards, but one of the only reasons i go on neopets is for that creative aspect of it and with it gone like?? it’s just not worth my time anymore and that’s scary because i really care about my account and the work i’ve put into it

i’m just mad because. honestly i ‘m a really good player. i’m not the kind of person that tries to get people to give me their stuff to meet em offline

the  only other time i did that was because some girl gave me her friendcode and i was like ?? if she’s doing it so openly it must be ok so i did and they silenced me. like that’s the only other time i did. both times other people were the instigators/??? and i get permad

some little shit who kept pestering me for my social media stuff got me permad!! great

hey i think i’m going to pound mungow tomorrow does anyone want to take him . he’s a cute big guy love him

i tried

i tried

lets make 90s neopets fashion head canons

hey there my name is clive and this is my lame ass neoblog!!